Terms of Service


  • User - Any person who has connected to and used any services provided by BronyTales
  • Staff - Users of the Network with elevated privileges for purposes of building, moderation, and administration of servers within the BronyTales Network.
  • Administration Staff - Users of the Network with access to core server files for the purposes of development and maintenance, typically referred to as "Admins"
  • Network - Collection of servers and services provided by BronyTales, including but not limited to Minecraft and Discord Servers.
  • Community - Collective of Users, Staff, and Administration Staff who make regular use of the BronyTales Network.
  • Content - Any data stored or shared on any servers controlled by BronyTales.


By using any of the services supplied by our Network, you agree to be bound by this Terms of Service, the Rules defined on the Server Rules page on this website, and to hold harmless BronyTales and its Staff and all other persons acting under their authority from any liability resulting from using our services within the Network, and that you understand and agree that we cannot be responsible for Content and actions of our members. BronyTales reserves the right to update and change this Terms of Service and Rules without notice, but will make an effort to give notice in the event of some major revision. Violation of any of the terms will result in a review and, at Administration Staff’s digression, termination of your Network access. We are not affiliated with Mojang AB, Microsoft, or Hasbro, Inc in any way. We are an online entity of enthusiastic fans with no source of revenue aside from our generous supporters.

BronyTales Mission

BronyTales strives to curate an environment that is safe for players of all ages while also maintaining a friendly and fun game experience.

To ensure that the Community is healthy:
  • User interactions are routinely monitored and automatically logged for analysis in the event of an incident.
  • All Content shared within the Network will be subject to our servers rules, and will be removed if found to be in voilation.
  • We reserve the right to revoke Network access from any users who are creating a significant negative experience for other users within the Community.
  • Accusations against users of illegal or abusive behavior or activity will be thoroughly investigated.
To better curate a safe environment for all Users, we will be taking additional steps to ensure a healthy relationship with Users and Staff:
  • All major events involving users, regardless of how they affect the Community, will be responded to.
  • Any allegations against users will be investigated to our fullest extent before action is taken.
  • Staff are to promote a safe, fun, and friendly environment for Users of the Network. Being a member of Staff does not entitle any User to any special treatment or compensation. Any Staff members that are unable or unwilling to fulfill the duties assigned by Administration are subject to having their Staff role removed at the digression of Administration Staff.
  • Staff within the Community are to be held to a higher standard in regards to interactions with the Community.
  • A private and anonymous reporting system is in place in the event of staff abuse: Link
To further make this goal a reality, we are taking multiple steps towards transparency:
  • Rules and repercussions are clearly outlined with very little room for interpretation.
  • Any changes that may affect player gameplay will be mentioned in the changelog on the Discord Server.
  • All rule changes will be logged, and changes made will be shown clearly. An announcement will also be made so users can review the rule change(s).
  • Rule changes and Server updates will be routinely added to the website: Rules and Policy Changes - Service Updates

Content Ownership

All Content may be retained, removed, or used at the discretion of BronyTales Staff. By submitting Content to our Network, or by submitting Content to Staff via email accounts or other contact media, or by creating Content on our Network, you grant us perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, rights to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, prepare derivative works of, perform, or publicly display that content. BronyTales will make reasonable steps to provide attribution where applicable.


Some information may be collected during the server Network as a means of providing service, including: IP address, Minecraft username, Minecraft account UUID, Discord account ID, User-set nicknames, email addresses (for staff), and any User-created content shared on the Network. Any personally-identifying information collected by BronyTales for any purpose will not be disclosed or distributed by any means without the express permission from the individual identified by that information, with the exception of nicknames, Minecraft playernames, account IDs, and other publicly-visible information associated with said information.

Prohibited Behavior

You agree NOT TO:
  • Use or encourage others to use the Network for any illegal purpose.
  • Use the Network to distribute any illegal, vulgar, or other "NSFW" Content.
  • Make unsolicited or inappropriate offers, advertisements or proposals for goods, services, or other commercial activities.
  • Impersonate any Network users on any servers controlled by BronyTales or on any other platform outside of BronyTales.
  • Interfere with any security-related features of the Network.
  • Harass, bully, intimidate, or abuse Users of the Network.
  • Save, reproduce, mimic, or otherwise copy any Content on the Network, for either personal use or public distribution, unless you you hold the sole, original copyright on that content.
  • Release or distribute any BronyTales Server Content without written approval from Administration Staff.
  • Share any account or login information with another party in order to access the Network.


BronyTales strives to curate an environment which is a safe and fun place for players of all ages, and as such take risks to that safety very seriously. BronyTales has a “Zero Tolerance” policy for confirmed instances of publishing, sharing, soliciting, or endorsing material which involves, describes, or implies foal-related or child-related sexual relations or distribution of sexually explicit material to or involving minors.
If you have evidence of any of these behaviors from a user on BronyTales, please do not hesitate to contact a member of administration with the information so that we can investigate the issue and take appropriate action.

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