Server Rules

In order to protect our community and to foster healthy interactions, we need to define a clear set of rules to follow while on BronyTales. All players, staff included, are expected to follow these guidelines while on BT-controlled servers.

General Server Rules

  • Keep it PG. Explicit material or roleplay is not tolerated, regardless of what channel you are in. If it’s not in the show, don’t bring it to the server. Additionally, talking about sexual activities or innuendoes, illicit drugs, substance abuse, self-harm, or other illegal or deeply negative experiences will not be permitted on any server affiliated with BronyTales. Players with Minecraft usernames that don’t conform to the language guidelines for the server will be asked to change their account name before they can play.
  • Illegal off-server is illegal on-server. Any member found to be participating in, publishing, sharing, or endorsing illegal activities in any BronyTales-controlled server or while associated with BronyTales in any capacity will be removed from the community permanently.
  • You are responsible for your account. BronyTales is not responsible for your Minecraft, Discord, or any other account used to interact with the BronyTales community. You are expected to keep your account secure and to take responsibility for all actions taken by the account you use.
  • Alt accounts are not for gameplay. One alt is allowed, but must be clear that it is yours. Alts are not to be used for ban evasion or gaming advantages (chunk loading, additional homes, etc)
  • Do not spoil server lore. There are secret areas on the map that are meant for players to discover on their own or with help. You may assist a player who is asking for help finding an area so long as you aren’t revealing the secret at the end.
  • Do not bypass the chat filter. There are some fun replacements in the chat filter, but there are also language filters in place. The language filters are there to censor vulgar language. If you have any issues with the chat filter, please submit a ticket.
  • Respect other players. We’re all here to relax, hang out, make friends, and just have fun. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, insults, personal attacks, spamming, swearing, derogatory language, hate speech, racism, sexism, and slurs against any person, group, or server are not tolerated. This includes spoiler text/emoji abuse, excessive caps, and repetitive one-word responses. All private messages to other members of the server on any messaging platform associated with BT must follow BT language and content guidelines unless explicitly agreed on by both parties. If you have any questions or concerns about your or another’s behavior, please do not hesitate to contact a moderator or admin.
    • We reserve the right to remove any players who are creating a negative experience for other members on the server.
  • Respect other player builds. Replant if you use public farms. Don’t take from town chests without permission. Don’t go around breaking or vandalizing parts of builds. BronyTales is a co-op survival world and we’re all here to play together, not against each other.
  • Respect the server. Please do not advertise servers outside the control of BronyTales or its partners in game chat or in Discord. Permissible advertisements would be in private messages and only if the person you’re messaging is aware of and ok to receive links for what you’re advertising, and may be links to a private Discord server, minigame servers like Hypixel or Mineplex, or other games or game services. Unsolicited Server Advertisements are not permitted.
  • Leave drama at the door. Don’t incite, discuss, fuel, or spread drama. If you need to talk about something out at length with another player, take it out of general chat. Discussions on and off-server involving other players of this server that are deemed malicious or abusive are subject to repercussions up to and including bans.
  • Use English. This server caters primarily to an English-speaking community, so please refrain from using other languages in general chat - you are free to use any other languages in private or local chats, of course.

Discord Rules

  • Discord is an extension of the server. As such, all rules pertaining to chatting in the Minecraft server also apply to Discord server. Profile images and custom statuses must be server-appropriate. Profile images and custom statuses are visible in all servers you are in - if you wish to stay in the BronyTales Discord, do not set your image or status to anything which would be objectionable if posted in general chat on BronyTales.
  • Respect voice chats. Topics and language unsuitable for general chat are unsuitable in voice chat as well. Do not spam voice - this includes mic blasts, excessive/obnoxious soundboards or voice changers, joining to say one thing and leaving, etc.
  • Do not record voice chat. Infractions will not be treated lightly. Just don’t do it.
  • No advertising in chat or in DM. We’re all here to hang out and have fun, not to join as many servers as we can.
  • No excessive @-ing. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to get someone’s attention or it’s for someone who is ok with you pinging them, please do not @ someone.
  • Respect Artists. Do not take another artist’s work and claim it to be your own; if you modified another image, please credit the original. If you want to provide feedback on another’s art, try to give only constructive criticism to an artwork. What did they do right? What could they do to improve?
  • NSFW or political content or topics are not permitted. If you have to think about whether it’s appropriate or not, it probably isn’t. Memes are not immune to this rule - depictions of drug abuse, excessive violence, etc are not permissible.
    NOTE: If you discover that someone has posted content that violates Discord Community Guidelines, please notify an admin or moderator immediately. If the content depicts foalcon/child porn, do NOT save the image or take a screenshot - saving an image or a screenshot of said imagery to your machine is considered violating child protection laws and can have your account and/or person actioned against.

Cheating, Bugs, and Exploits

Cheating is not permitted. Any modifications to the vanilla version of Minecraft game or resource packs that gives the player an unfair advantage are not allowed. This includes XRay resource packs. If you are discovered to be using a cheat, you will receive a higher punishment up to and including bans.

Bugs happen, but do not exploit bugs for your own gain. BronyTales is not perfect. There will be bugs that we will miss. If you find a bug, please submit a ticket explaining either where you encounter it, or steps to repeat it. Exploiting a bug to unfairly affect gameplay instead of notifying staff is not tolerated. Exploits may result in a punishment as determined by the administration. Each case will be treated on an individual basis.

Build Rules

  • Respect other player builds. Do not destroy or build on another player’s builds and do not build close to someone else’s build unless you have explicit permission from that player. If you join another player’s town, please abide by any build guidelines the town you join has.
  • Clean up after yourself. On the main survival map, if you are going to alter the terrain by a substantial amount, please be sure to terraform the edges of the altered terrain. Don’t leave 1x1 sky pillars or open pegaholes in the ground.
  • Keep RP Town Themes. When in an RP town, please keep your build style similar to the build style of the town around you. Some customization is allowed on the exterior of your home. If a staff member tells you to change your home, please comply. If you think the staff member isn’t within their right to ask you to change your build, feel free to submit a ticket. We will review the situation.
  • No AFK farms. Auto-farming is allowed only if you are actually online and playing. Using programs or mechanics to gain a game advantage while AFK is prohibited.
  • No lag machines. Large contraptions or farms that cause significant server or client lag are subject to removal without warning.
  • No player traps. Builds that impose a deliberate threat to players must be marked as such. Killing AFK players is also considered player trapping.
  • Abandoned Builds: Players come and go and builds eventually get abandoned. There are times that you may find a build that’s not protected by any claims and where it’s not clear if the player who made it is active.
    A build is considered abandoned if it is more than 90 days old and:
    • Staff cannot find who built it
    • -OR- The player who built it has not been online for 90 days
    Once a build has been declared abandoned by a moderator, another player may be granted ownership of the build and get the chests and signs in the area unlocked and be allowed to build there. In a town build with multiple players, any active player in the town becomes the ’owner’ of the town as far as this rule applies. Setting up a claim can help protect a build and makes it much easier for staff to determine if it’s abandoned or not.

Canon and Roleplay

  • Roleplay must stay within server rating. Roleplay must be kept PG, just as in any other chat channel.
  • Roleplay is not a contest. It’s ok to lose sometimes - you don’t need to be the best at everything to be a good character.
  • Respect character autonomy. Don’t force anyone’s character to do something they don’t want to do.
  • Roleplay is not mandatory. If someone says they don’t want to roleplay, don’t force them to.
  • Most importantly, roleplay is meant to be fun. If at any point you stop having fun, then speak up.
  • Canon Names require an application. Please do not use a name which is a character in MLP unless you have applied for and have been accepted for the role. You will be asked to use a different nickname. Changing the spelling to look like a canon character is included as a canon name; for example, "RaindowDash" would be considered trying to have a canon name.
  • AU Canon Names are Canon Names. If you wish to play an alternate universe version of a character, you should have the canon role first.
For more information about Canon (Show) Characters, see the Roleplay page

Thank you!

Whew, that was a lot! Generally, though, most rules boil simply down to "Love others and love yourself." Treat other players with love and respect, and we can all get along. Lack of a rule against something does not mean it is ok to do so. If you are unsure, please ask a staff member whether whatever thing you want to do is permitted. As a general rule for chat rooms, though: if you’re unsure whether something is ok to say or to post, it’s probably not.
Information about how these rules are enforced is available on the Help Page.