Server Rules

BronyTales is a Minecraft-centric community server focused around providing a safe and friendly environment to hang out and play games with friends and family. In order to protect our community and to foster healthy interactions, we need to define a clear set of rules to follow while on BronyTales. All players, staff included, are expected to follow these guidelines while interacting with or representing the BronyTales community.

The Short Version

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  1. Keep it Clean

  2. Respect the Community

All of the rules in some form or fashion can be simplified to one of these two.
Be civil, be considerate, be kind, and we can all enjoy hanging out and playing together.
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Use an appropriate name, nickname, avatar, and status message
  • No NSFW, violent, hateful, harmful, or sexually evocative content
  • No racist, sexist, or otherwise objectively offensive content
  • No illegal activities, content, or endorsements
  • No self-promotion or advertisements
  • No harassment, abuse, or bullying
  • Use English in general channels
  • Don’t spam
  • No cheating, hacking, trolling, or griefing
  • Clean up after yourself in the main survival world
  • Don’t attempt to impersonate another person or community figure
  • Don’t use a name from the show as a nickname if you haven’t been accepted for the role

The Minecraft server chat rating is to be roughly "PG"
(This includes the server-chat and roleplay-chat channels in the Discord)
The Discord server chat rooms are not to exceed "PG-13"
There is an 18+ section of the Discord, but no "NSFW" content is permitted.
Access to these channels requires verification. Abuse of the system is not tolerated.

The Long Version

· Keep It Clean · Respect the Community · Your Account is Your Account ·
· Discord-specific rules · Build Rules · Mods & Playing Fair · Canon and Roleplay ·
· Infractions · Rules FAQ ·

Keep it Clean

  • This server is for players of all ages. Explicit material or roleplay is not tolerated, regardless of what channel you are in. If it’s not in the show, don’t bring it to the server. Additionally, talking about sexual activities or innuendoes, illicit drugs, substance abuse, self-harm, or other illegal or deeply negative experiences will not be permitted on any server affiliated with BronyTales. Players with Minecraft usernames that don’t conform to the language guidelines for the server will be asked to change their account name before they can play.
  • Illegal activity is not permitted. Any member found to be participating in, publishing, sharing, or endorsing activities that are illegal by U.S federal law in any BronyTales-controlled server or while associated with BronyTales in any capacity will be removed from the community permanently.
  • Do not bypass the chat filter. The chat has a special filter that changes specific words to be fun and lore friendly. These are fine to bypass if they are interfering with your conversation. However, there are also language filters in place to censor vulgar language. Using certain obscenities will cause your account to be temporarily banned for one hour. Do not attempt to bypass these restrictions. Voilations will not be treated lightly.
    If you have any issues with the chat filter, please contact an administrator.

Respect the Community

  • Respect other player builds. Do not destroy or build on another player’s builds without their permission. Replant if you use public farms. Don’t take from town chests without permission. Don’t go around breaking or vandalizing parts of builds. BronyTales is a co-op survival world and we’re all here to play together, not against each other.
  • Respect other players. We’re all here to relax, hang out, make friends, and just have fun. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, insults, personal attacks, spamming, swearing, derogatory language, hate speech, racism, sexism, and slurs against any person, group, or server are not tolerated. This includes spoiler text/emoji abuse, excessive caps, and repetitive one-word responses. All private messages to other members of the server on any messaging platform associated with BT must follow BT language and content guidelines unless explicitly agreed on by both parties. If you have any questions or concerns about your or another’s behavior, please do not hesitate to contact a moderator or admin.
    • We reserve the right to remove any players who are creating a negative experience for other members on the server.
  • Respect the server. Please do not advertise servers outside the control of BronyTales or its partners in game chat or in Discord. Permissible advertisements would be in private messages and only if the person you’re messaging is aware of and ok to receive links for what you’re advertising, and may be links to a private Discord server, minigame servers like Hypixel or Mineplex, or other games or game services.
    Unsolicited Server Advertisements are not permitted.
  • Leave drama at the door. Don’t incite, discuss, fuel, or spread drama. If you need to talk about something out at length with another player, take it out of general chat. Discussions on and off-server involving other players of this server that are deemed malicious or abusive are subject to repercussions up to and including bans.
    • All discussion of moderation actions or community worries should be discussed with staff in private. All users have a right to their privacy so moderation action should not be discussed in public. Regular discussion should not be disturbed by moderation concerns and discussion.
    • In-game politics or possible faction status does not give anyone the right to be rude or disrespectful to others. Keep conversations civil.
  • Do not spoil server lore. BronyTales has content that requires players to use provided clues to solve puzzles. You may assist players so long as you aren’t directly revealing the solution. This is more of an informal rule than a hard-enforcement, but please keep more direct clues to private messages. It’s less fun to solve a puzzle if you have someone telling everyone the solution in public chat
  • Use English. This server caters primarily to an English-speaking community, so please refrain from conversing in other languages in general chat - you are free to use any other languages in private or local chats, of course.

Your Account is Your Account

  • You are responsible for your account. BronyTales is not responsible for your Minecraft, Discord, or any other account used to interact with the BronyTales community. You are expected to keep your account secure and to take responsibility for all actions taken by the account you use. Your account is actioned for rules infractions regardless of who is behind it.
  • Only one primary account is allowed. Do not load multiple Discord alts onto the server. You are allowed one alternate Minecraft account, but it must not be used for any gameplay advantages or punishment evasion. Alts may not be used for chunk loading, additional homes, additional lands, special nicknames, canon roleplay roles, etc. Alts may solely be used for functioning as a camera account for videos, screenshots, and similar activities.
  • You are You. Do not go around masquerading around as someone you’re not. With the exception of those approved for Canon Roles, your name should be your Minecraft username, your community persona, or an OC of yours.

Discord Rules

The Discord server has a slightly increased server rating which permits most of what one would expect to be covered in "PG-13" – swearing and sexually prudent content are still disallowed, but other topics that are ordinarily not permitted on the Minecraft server such as depictions of blood, references to drugs, weaponry, and violence are more loosely moderated.
  • You must be 13 or older. This is a Discord rule to stay in compliance with COPPA. You are still allowed to play on the Minecraft server since we do not collect personal information such as email addresses, but please make sure you have your parent’s permission first. If you create a Discord account and join before you are 13 you will be removed from the Discord. Joking about being too young will also result in removal.
    If you are a concerned parent, you may contact an admin at [email protected], or the server owner directly on Discord: databytebrony (you must be on the server first, link is in the website footer)
  • Discord is an extension of the server. As such, all rules pertaining to chatting in the Minecraft server also apply to the server chat channels in the Discord server.
  • Keep it Clean Profile images and custom statuses must be server-appropriate. Profile images and custom statuses are visible in all servers you are in - if you wish to stay in the BronyTales Discord, do not set your image or status to anything which would be objectionable if posted in general chat on BronyTales. Use an appropriate name, avatar, and discord status. Avoid using questionable or explicit imagery, obscenities, etc. Do not link to webpages where the primary content depicts or includes content which would not be suitable for the server.
  • Respect text channels. Spamming or otherwise being intentionally disruptive is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to emoji spam, gif spam, short message spam, copypasta (outside of #memes), etc
  • Respect voice chats. Topics and language unsuitable for general chat are unsuitable in voice chat as well. Do not spam voice - this includes mic blasts, excessive/obnoxious soundboards or voice changers, joining to say one thing and leaving, etc.
  • Do not record voice chat. There is a specific channel for streaming where that is permissible. Outside of that channel, no voice chats are to be recorded. Infractions will not be treated lightly. Just don’t do it.
  • No advertising in chat or in DM. We’re all here to hang out and have fun, not to join as many servers as we can.
  • No excessive @-ing. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to get someone’s attention or it’s for someone who is ok with you pinging them, please do not randomly @ someone. If an issue arises that needs immediate attention, you may use @moderator in the chat to ping our moderation team. You may also ping people for player-hosted games and other events with the @Party Animal role. Please use this responsibly.
  • Respect Artists. Do not take another artist’s work and claim it to be your own; if you modified another image, please credit the original. If you want to provide feedback on another’s art, try to give only constructive criticism to an artwork. What did they do right? What could they do to improve?
  • NSFW or political content or topics are not permitted in general chat rooms. If you have to think about whether it’s appropriate or not, it probably isn’t. Memes are not immune to this rule - depictions of drug abuse, excessive violence, etc are not permissible. Political topics and other questionable materials are allowed in specific opt-in sections of the server.
    • The "Geopolitical Appreciation Society" channels "world-news" and "discords-discourse" have the following considerations:
    • Political topics and viewpoints are permissible so long as discussions are civil and do not diverge into personal attacks.
    • Support of violence against any individual or group will not be tolerated, even in jest.
    • Symbols of supremacist ideologies may only be permitted in their specific contexts. Supportive posts or literature thereof will not be permitted.
    • The "No Foals Allowed" 18+ section of the Discord server has these additional considerations:
    • Members with the Elder Pony role are assumed to be ok with receiving more ’adult’ messages in DM. That said, do still be respectful and do not message someone with topics that they have asked you not to bring up.
    • Do not post links to, images of, or detailed text depicting:
      • excessive gore, such as dismemberment, disembowelment, copious amounts of blood.
      • pornography, either depicting sexual activity or involving bodily fluids.
      • suicide or self-harm.
    • Any attacks on any person or group of people, whether in jest or not, will not be tolerated. This includes racism.
    • Misuse of these channels have much stricter repercussions. You will be banned for the following:
      • Posting screenshots of the contents of these channels anywhere else in BT
      • Posting pornographic or sexualized content involving minors / foals
      • Lying about your age to access these channels
  • Content that violates Discord’s Community Guidelines is not permitted. All of the Discord Community Guidelines already fall in line with what BronyTales expects out of its members. Also be aware that the Discord Terms of Service also apply while using the BronyTales Discord.
    NOTE: If you discover that someone has posted content that violates Discord Community Guidelines, please notify an admin or moderator immediately. If the content depicts foalcon/child porn, do NOT save the image or take a screenshot - saving an image or a screenshot of said imagery to your machine is considered violating child protection laws and can have your account actioned and/or person persecuted.

Image Credit: Sanybaby

Mods & Playing Fair

Cheating is not permitted on any BronyTales server. Any client modifications to the vanilla version of Minecraft game or resource packs that gives the player an unfair advantage are not allowed. This includes XRay resource packs. Other examples of cheats that are not permitted include any mods that provide x-ray abilities (cave finders, ore finders, chest finders, etc), movement cheats (flight, speed, spider, etc), combat cheats (killaura, forcefield, anti-knockback, etc), entity trackers (player trackers, mob finders, etc), or map downloaders. Additionally, using mods such as Schematica or Litematica to rapidly construct or deconstruct blocks is prohibited. You may use these, but for blueprint functionality only. If you are discovered to be using a cheat, you will receive a higher punishment up to and including bans.

There are client-side modifications that are permissible, though. Any mod that changes information the player already normally has access to into something more appealing or useful may be used so long as it does not give an advantage over anyone using an unmodded game. For example, minimap mods are allowed (we do have a Live Map), but it must not have cave mapping or player/entity tracking.
If you are interested in using mods, the staff team has compiled a list of recommendations:


There will be bugs that we will miss. If you find a bug, please report it to the staff team. Explaining steps to repeat it is highly appreciated as it allows the staff team to determine how to fix the bug. Do not exploit bugs for your own gain. Exploiting a bug to unfairly affect gameplay instead of notifying staff is not tolerated. Exploits may result in a punishment as determined by the administration. Each case will be treated on an individual basis.


An exploit is the purposeful use of unintended plugin or gameplay functionality to gain an unfair gameplay advantage over other players. If you believe someone is using an exploit to gain an unfair advantage, please report the player(s) involved to the staff team with any evidence you can provide. We will investigate the matter.

Build Rules

  • Respect other player builds. Don’t build close to someone else’s build unless you have permission from that player. If you join another player’s town, please abide by any build guidelines the town you join has.
  • Clean up after yourself. On the main survival map, if you are going to alter the terrain by a substantial amount, please be sure to terraform the edges of the altered terrain. Please don’t leave 1x1 sky pillars or open pegaholes in the ground, as they can be hazardous to other players.
  • Keep RP Town Themes. When in a canon location, please keep your build style similar to the build style of the town around you. Some customization is allowed on the exterior of your home, but the overall theme must match the other houses in the area. If a staff member tells you to change your home, please do so. If you think the staff member isn’t within their right to ask you to change your build, please message an admin and we will review the situation.
  • No AFK farms. Automated farms are only allowed if you are actually online and playing. Using programs or mechanics to gain a game advantage while AFK is prohibited.
  • No lag machines. Devices created with the intent to reduce the server’s TPS are not permitted. A staff member may ask you to reduce your machine’s complexity if it is found to be causing issues. Large contraptions or farms left unattended that cause significant server or client lag when loaded are subject to removal without warning.
  • Contraptions must have an off switch. Large redstone builds tend to cause server performance issues, and are one of the more computationally-intensive aspects of Minecraft. As such, please make sure to disable any redstone devices when you are not using them. If you have built a contraption that involves some form of a redstone clock, you should include a clearly-labeled mechanism for disabling the device.
  • No player traps. Builds that impose a deliberate threat to players must be clearly marked as such (this primarily applies to obstacle courses). Builds created that serve to trap players are not permitted. Killing AFK players or changing their environment as to cause them to die is also not permitted.
  • Abandoned Builds: Players come and go and builds eventually get abandoned. There are times that you may find a build that’s not protected by any claims and where it’s not clear if the player who made it is active.
    A build is considered abandoned if it is more than 90 days old and:
    • Staff cannot find who built it
    • -OR- The player(s) who built it or resides in it has not been online for 90 days
    Some builds may have these date restrictions altered based on build size, type, and circumstance, from down to 30 to up to 150 days. For example, a large castle complex with significant storage may be extended to 150 to permit the original player more time to return, while a simple bridge over a river far from other builds may be considered abandoned after 30 days. Most houses and bases are covered by a 90-day grace period by default, but this becomes 120 days if the owner has set up /lands claims to protect the land. Builds owned by players who have publicly stated their intent to not return will be considered abandoned after 30 days. Builds by players who have provided notice to staff of extended leave will be protected for an additional extension of up to one year, provided that those builds are not themselves in rented regions.
    Once a build has been declared abandoned by a moderator, another player may be granted ownership of the build and get the chests and signs in the area unlocked and be allowed to build there. Removal of existing structures will be up to the player gaining ownership of the area. In a town build with multiple players, any active player in the town becomes the ’owner’ of the town as far as this rule applies. Setting up a claim is highly recommended as it can help protect a build and makes it much easier for staff to determine if it’s abandoned or not. You can find more information on claiming on this blog post.
Player builds are subject to be modified if they negatively affect server performance or player safety, depict or contain inappropriate content, depict or encourage undesirable behavior, or in rare cases if the build is abandoned or otherwise needs relocated.


Roleplay on BronyTales simply refers to acting as a character of your own making, creating stories and letting other people join in on the fun.
  • Roleplay must stay within server rating. Roleplay must be kept clean, just as in any other chat channel.
  • Roleplay is not manditory. Don’t force people to join your roleplay if they don’t want to join
  • Roleplay is not a contest. It’s ok to lose sometimes - you don’t need to be the best at everything to be a good character. Power gaming is not fun for other people, so please remember that roleplay is about character interaction and not about who wins or loses. This also applies to meta gaming: please be aware of what information your character knows and do not use information they would not know.
  • Respect character autonomy. Don’t force anyone’s character to do something they don’t want to do.
  • Respect character universes. Don’t force mechanics from your universe into someone else’s. Ask if it’s ok first. For example, most people aren’t ok with an alien invasion in the middle of their tea party.
  • Most importantly, roleplay is meant to be fun. If at any point you stop having fun, then speak up.

Canon Roles

If you like to hang out in the community and want to try your hoof at roleplaying as a character from the show, this is for you:
  • Canon Names require an application. Please do not use a name which is a character in MLP unless you have applied for and have been accepted for the role. You will be asked to use a different nickname. Changing the spelling to look like a canon character is included as a canon name; for example, "RaindowDash" would be considered trying to have a canon name. If a nickname has a part of a character’s name deleted (TwiSparkle), one or two random letters added (TwilightSparklle), uses the nicknames of a character (Twily), or if it changes the general spelling (TwliwiSparkel), that nickname is not allowed.
  • AU Canon Names are Canon Names. If you wish to play an alternate universe version of a character, you should have the canon role first.
  • Canon roles are not titles. Simply put, if you are applying for a canon role, you are also applying to roleplay as that canon character.
  • Must be active. Higher-visibility roles have a certain expectation of activity accompanying them. Please note that "activity" is defined as about an hour of play/interaction during a day, and "active" means several sessions of activity during a week. You are considered "idle" if you are not "active" for more than one day during a week.
  • Must represent your role. Part of the application process is a prompt for you to respond from the viewpoint of the character you wish to portray. Tier 1 roles are much harder to get and keep than lower tiers, and have higher expectations for generally staying in character.
  • Roles are at-will. You can have your role removed at staff discretion if you act grossly out of character or are found in violation of more serious rules.
  • Roles require merit. You can be barred from recieving a role if you have exhibited problematic behaviors within the past three months that required staff intervention. One-time events do not automatically disqualify you, but any applications will not be processed for a minimum of one week following corrective actions.

For more information about Roleplay and Canon (Show) Characters, see the Roleplay page

Image Credit: MarbleWings


Rules require some form of enforcement and consequence to have any affect, and so in the interest of maintaining a fair system for everyone we have set up the following system for handling rules infractions. The punishment system is based on the following schema, but is not restricted to it. Special cases can warrant additional or lessened sentences depending on the actions taken by the individual. However, staff is not perfect. We’re people, too. If you believe you have had a wrongfully applied punishment, you may apply for an appeal in the Discord Server or on the ticket system by sending an email to [email protected]. Appeals for valid punishments may be submitted after half of the allotted time has passed. For example, you may appeal a 3-month ban after about 6 weeks. When counting warnings, only the previous six months apply. Time spent serving a ban is not included in that time period. Warnings that do or can result in a loss of canon role also enact restrictions on re-applying: Applying for a role that was or could have been removed due to punishments have a one-month minimum cooldown before they can be considered for a role again.

Chat-based Infractions:

(Excessive drama / spamming chat / swearing in chat / blatant vc swear or other vc violations / swear filter evasion)
  • 3 Warnings - Temp Mute (2 days) + Tier 1 Role Loss
  • 5 Warnings - Temp Mute (9 days) + Tier 2 + 3 Role Loss
  • 7 Warnings - Temp Mute (1 month)
  • 9 Warnings - 3 month tempban
  • 12 Warnings - 1 year tempban
  • Explicit content - Immediate permban
  • Explicit swear, non-serious offense - 1 hour tempban (automatic)

Mute evasion / DM harassment Infractions:

(Bypassing restrictions to send messages in the server / Messaging someone who has asked you not to)
  • 2 Warnings - 2 day tempban + All Tier Role Loss
  • 3 Warnings - 1 week tempban
  • 5 Warnings - 3 month tempban
  • 8 Warnings - 1 year tempban

Gameplay Infractions:

(Demonstrable grief / raiding / theft / scamming / hacks / cheats)
  • 1 Warning: 2 day tempban + All Tier Role Loss
  • 2 Warnings: 1 week tempban
  • 3 Warnings: 3 month tempan
  • 4 Warnings: 6 month tempban
  • 5 Warnings: 1 year tempban

Soft Warnings:

In all seriousness, we’re not all about racking up points to dole out punishments for. If something isn’t serious, isn’t a pattern, not causing harm, we’ll either clean it up or try to point you in the right direction. If a first-time offense shows a concerning disregard but is not particularly problematic and if you are willing to correct the matter, you may be issued a soft warning.
You may have up to one soft warning per infraction category, and they do roll off just as any other warning would. Soft warnings do not count as warnings of themselves, but only serve as a reminder that the next offense within that time will be an actual warning.


BronyTales holds a very hard stance against community trolling. Grossly inappropriate conduct, flagrant racial slurs, widespread griefing, and similarly hateful actions will be met with a permanent ban from the community with no option for appeal.

Rules FAQ

Every once in a while, we get questions about certain rules. Sometimes the answer is pretty simple, sometimes it’s a little more nuanced. Here are a few questions or concerns that we’ve heard over time and thought could be useful to someone trying to figure out something specific.
(Answers provided by DataByte)

What is defined as "griefing"?
Good question! This one actually gets asked quite a lot. Griefing is a pattern of behavior which actively seeks to disrupt another player’s game experience. In Minecraft, this would mean seeking to destroy or trap structures and buildings created by other players. Of course, not all structures and buildings created by players are necessarily a part of their overarching game experience. Tearing down temporary shelters, bridges, or other minor structures that lack base items such as chests or signs are not covered under griefing. Generally when looking into an incident, the question you should try to ask is: "Would a reasonable person with absolutely no knowledge of the build or of Minecraft mechanics recognize these actions as unfair or unkind"
Here are a few examples: (mouse over to see the answer)

  • Placing blocks above an existing railway so that a passenger takes damage when riding it: yes is a grief
  • Removing trees and dirt in an area and uncovering a hidden base: is not a grief
  • Removing beacons or enchanting tables from a building complex: yes is a grief
  • Taking a random gold block found placed on the ground in a forest: is not a grief
  • Removing a 4x4 wood hut with no chests or signs: is not a grief
  • Tearing up an artificial island without any houses or signs: is not a grief
  • Taking a beacon from a build that looks abandoned: yes is a grief
  • Pranking a friend by replacing their potato farm with carrots: is not a grief. Be prepared to undo pranks, though.
Of course, even things which might not be normally considered a grief could still be a grief if there is evidence that the actions taken were done with knowledge that the affected player would not want those actions, or if a number of smaller issues show a continual pattern of causing issues. If you have found a build that you would like to remove but are unsure if it would not be allowed, don’t hesitate to reach out to a staff member for clarification.
Why can’t we talk about politics?
Simply put: drama. Most of us here are here to hang out and play games, not argue about the state of the world. That said, we do have opt-in channels on the Discord where you can discuss politics and other more mature topics so long as you remain civil.
What is considered explicit?
Content on BronyTales must be free of obscenity, indecency, and profanity. Put simply, if it’s something that wouldn’t be permitted on daytime television, it’s not something permissible here. (Shows on cable TV do not count). You can read more on the FCC Webpage on the matter. Keep in mind that screenshots from a television show can still be considered obscene or indecent if the purpose of the screenshot is to capture such a frame. Being on TV for a second or two does not mean it’s clean, and even clips or soundbytes from TV shows that have been on air at some point does not mean they are completely clean, either. If it’s something normal to be allowed on multiple public networks, it’s probably fine. When in doubt, consider if what you’re considering posting would fit in a PG-13 movie from Disney or Pixar, TV-PG show on a catered network such as PBS, or news station such as ABC or CBS. Nudity or other sexually prudent material is restricted to the 18+ section of the Discord.
Doesn’t restricting hate speech and NSFW topics infringe on free speech?
Ok, so this one isn’t actually asked very often, but I feel as though this is an important one to clarify for anyone who is curious: yes, restricting allowed topics does infringe on free speech. That said, you do not have a right to free speech while using privately owned establishments. The first amendment guarantees that the government can not restrict the rights of individuals to speak freely in public spaces. It does not guarantee that you may say whatever you want wherever you want to say it. Yes, I am perfectly aware of the history of restricting "hate speech" and how it can be used to stifle opinions. If you believe that any person on the server is trying to abuse "hate speech" protections in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know: [email protected]
Can we post images of Aryanne?
Absolutely not. Regardless of intent or how "cute" the images may be, the fact remains that the character represents a manifestation of Nazi ideology, and by permitting imagery and references to a watered-down version of said ideologies results in them becoming normalized. We allow more mature discussion in specific channels but still do not permit hate speech or support thereof in any channel associated with BronyTales. We do not ban all discussion of Nazis (historical or modern), but we do not permit supportive content, even if it’s just a cute pony that just so happens to be named for and have the cutie mark of a hate group. For example, racist jokes are not permitted, either. They may not be designed to be racist but rather making fun of the racist mindset, but they are still supportive in that they normalize that sort of ideology. (Thankfully this is not a common question, just another important one to clarify)
Why can’t we talk about <illegal activity>?
Simply permitting discussion encouraging or detailing involvement in any activities which go against US Federal Law constitutes endorsing such activities. Endorsing any illegal activity, regardless of the morality thereof, endangers the community as a whole. Now, mention of such activities for context and general discussion is permissible, but details on how to engage in such activities is strictly forbidden while on BronyTales. Distribution of commercial software, games, movies, music, etc is included in this category. Streaming copyrighted movies through Discord on BronyTales is also considered unlawful distribution. (details)
What if my account is hacked?
Your account is what is actioned against. If your account is hacked and the hacker in question deems it worth their time to try to troll BronyTales, your account will be banned from the server. You may appeal such bans, but there will be a waiting period and you must establish that you have taken adequate steps to prevent it from happening again.

Thank you!

Whew, that was a lot! Generally, though, most rules boil simply down to "Love others and love yourself." Treat other players with love and respect, and we can all get along. Please use common sense regarding these rules. Lack of a rule against something does not mean it is ok to do so. A loophole isn’t permission. Please don’t be the reason we may need to extend the "Long Version" for. If you are unsure about something, please ask a staff member whether whatever thing you want to do is permitted. As a general rule for chat rooms: if you’re unsure whether something is ok to say or to post, it’s probably not.