Server Help

Nopony is perfect. Sometimes we need help, and sometimes staff will miss things. If you find something wrong, need help, or some other issue with the server or community, you can either contact us in game, in the discord, or submit a ticket to [email protected]


  • Can I change my race?
      Yes! You can only choose Earth, Unicorn, or Pegasus when you join, but you can change your race later by finding a Race Temple in the main map. More races, such as Dragon and Griffon are out in the wild and you’ll be able to change to those by finding their temples, too!
  • What are the numbers in the tab list?
      Player Creatures on BronyTales have special abilities that are unlocked by leveling your character. The number (and color) is representative of that player’s race and their level. You can use /pony to see what you need to do in order to progress to the next level.
  • Where can I build?
      When you first spawn into the main world, you start in Ponyville - this is one of the RP towns on the map, and you can rent housing here to live in, or you can explore and leave the town area. Once outside of a town, you can build wherever you like, so long as you’re not interfering with another player’s build. You can also travel to the Creative or Pixel Art worlds via the portals in the Ponyville train station. Please note that while you technically can build in the Resource World, Nether, and End, those worlds are subject to getting reset once they’ve been sufficiently mined.