Getting Started

So you want to be a pony in equestria? We can help!


BronyTales is a community server with a survival map that has roleplay sections and special areas hidden on the map. When you join the server for the first time, you’ll start in a train station and jouney to the Tree of Harmony where you can choose a race in the caves beneath the roots. You will be able to choose from Earth, Unicorn, or Pegasus - for more information, see Classes. You will be able to change your race later - see the enchanter’s tent in ponyville! If you want to build somewhere, you can travel outside of Ponyville, or you can travel to the Creative or Pixel Art worlds in the Ponyville train station.

Gameplay Changes

A few things are a bit different on BronyTales than you would find in a vanilla 1.14 game:
  • Stonecutters are sharp! Don’t step on them!
  • Your inventory won’t get lost if you die, but you will lose exp levels and vanishing or binding cursed items.
  • Trees fall down when you cut them down with an axe. They also sometimes drop golden apples!
  • Nether portals can blow up if you build one too close to a protected area - watch out! If you get stuck, you can always use /spawn
  • Racial abilities based on what class you choose. Some races even have more or less health than normal.
  • You can use /sethome and /home to set warps for yourself. Note: Warps cost food levels!
  • Teleport to other players with /tpa or ask them to teleport to you with /tpahere
  • Return to where you just warped to or back you where you died with /back
  • Furnaces can level up when they’ve been used a lot, and use less fuel, run faster, and even give more loot!
  • Smelt rotten flesh into leather, or even tools into raw materials!
  • Left-click an anvil to repair an item with just exp or with bits.
  • Trampolines can be built by putting iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks underneath a slime block
  • PvP is disabled by default - you can toggle it for yourself with /pvp toggle


You can level your pony race by completing tasks, which are listed for you when you run the command /pony - as you level up, you gain more abilities!
You can also level up your McMMO abilities, such as unarmed (increase damage without a weapon), acrobatics (dodge attacks and avoid fall damage), excavation and mining (special or double drops and super breaker abilities), and more!


Server roleplay towns, such as Ponyville and Appleloosa, have special buildings that you can play in and some that you can even rent out to live in. In order to rent an area, or to extend your rent, you can right-click on the sign attached to the building.
To unrent an area, use /as unrent


In order to rent areas, buy heads in /heads, or any other things that require bits, you need to first earn some bits! There are many ways that you can earn bits in BronyTales: Killing mobs is one, and you can also select a job with /jobs - You are added to the miner job by default, which gives you money for mining with a pickaxe, but you can change to any job listed and opt to instead explore, brew potions, cut down trees, farm, fish, or enchant! Mobs drop money when they die, but sometimes they also drop a head that you can either keep or sell with /sellhead
To give money to another player, you’ll have to /withdraw a banknote to give them.
Use /bal to see how much you have in your bank.


You can set a fun nickname for yourself with /nick, and if you don’t change it for 10 days, you can lock it to yourself with /locknick.
Locked nicknames have a longer reservation time before someone can claim it again. Temp nicknames can be claimed if you have not logged in for 5 days, and a locked nickname is kept reserved for you for 180 days. When you have a locked nickname, you can set a temp nickname to yourself without losing your locked status - just use /nick without any arguments to clear your temporary nickname. If you want to release your nick so you can switch to another, you can use /clearnick.
Certain nicknames cannot be set, even if they aren’t taken. Reserved nicknames need to be applied for in Canon Applications.
Names have prefixes based on the status of the name: ~Temp, *Locked, 'Canon, ~*Locked with a temp, ~'Canon with a temp.

More Stuff!

There are many more things you can use on BronyTales, from well-known plugins such as LWC, Areashop, McMMO, dynmap, Jobs, CookieMonster, and ChestShop, to fun plugins such as an armor stand editor (use flint to open the menu), /bwb, [item], /heads, custom achievements, /sit, /lay, /trade