Welcome to BronyTales!

Welcome to BronyTales!
A Minecraft Server for
My Little Pony Fans of all ages.

A 1.16.5 server compatible with:
Java clients with 1.9 - 1.16.5
and Bedrock Edition 1.16.220


BronyTales is a community-centered Family-Friendly My Little Pony themed Minecraft Server for kids of all ages 5-95 with survival and roleplay sections for casual and dedicated players alike.


Towns and discoverable locations built by a talented build team plus many other amazing builds in the survival, creative, and pixel art worlds!


Friendly staff, Skilled Builders, and Experienced Administrative Staff continuously working to make the server better for our supportive & growing community.


Join us Online!

Minecraft 1.16.5: mc.bronytales.com

Server Updates

2021-05-13 03:53:
Hi there @everyone, important notice regarding the Minecraft server:

An update to the Lands plugin that happened today wiped out all of the claimed chunks for every land claim. The old data is unfortunately unrecoverable due to how it was updated. Your lands are still there, but the chunk data is gone.

All land claim costs have been set to 0 for the next month so you can re-claim your lands. Sorry for the inconvenience.


2021-05-10 22:18:
- New staff!: Whimzymimsy (helper)
- Staff promotions!: Sanybaby (jr builder) and sb0863 (helper)

2021-05-01 20:09:
- Canons leaving: StarlightGlimmer

Check out the full list Here!