Welcome to BronyTales!

Welcome to BronyTales!
A Minecraft Server for
My Little Pony Fans of all ages.

A 1.16.5 server compatible with:
Java clients with 1.9 - 1.16.5
and Bedrock Edition 1.16.220


BronyTales is a community-centered Family-Friendly My Little Pony themed Minecraft Server for kids of all ages 5-95 with survival and roleplay sections for casual and dedicated players alike.


Towns and discoverable locations built by a talented build team plus many other amazing builds in the survival, creative, and pixel art worlds!


Friendly staff, Skilled Builders, and Experienced Administrative Staff continuously working to make the server better for our supportive & growing community.


Join us Online!

Minecraft 1.16.5: mc.bronytales.com

Server Updates

2021-12-12 04:40:
Hey everyone, just wanted to put a general PSA out there in regards to the log4j vulnerabilities and concerns going around right now.

BronyTales and all of its servers have been fully patched as of last night, as well as some additional safeguards put in place to prevent even unpatched Minecraft clients who connect from being exposed to malicious actors.

As far as personal protection for when connecting to other servers, if you're using version 1.18.1, you're already covered! Simply having restarting the Minecraft Launcher and downloading the update that gets pushed out is enough to fix it. I'm pretty sure there's already updates for the older versions too, as my launcher downloaded an update for 1.16.5 and I confirmed that the exploit does not affect that update, but the official article does not mention these updates. For more information on keeping your client secure on other servers, here's the Minecraft post with more information: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/important-message--security-vulnerability-java-edition

Thank you eveyone who brought this to my attention! ^.^
My Discord has been blowing up for these past few days

2021-12-11 08:11:
- Server connector updated to support 1.18

2021-12-08 06:21:
Two canons have been opened for applications: VinylScratch and Octavia

Check out the full list Here!