Welcome to BronyTales!

Welcome to BronyTales!
A Minecraft server for
My Little Pony fans of all ages!

A 1.19.2 server compatible with:
Java clients with 1.16.5 - 1.20.2
and Bedrock Edition 1.20


BronyTales is a community-centered Family-Friendly My Little Pony themed Minecraft Server for kids of all ages 5-95 with survival and roleplay sections for casual and dedicated players alike.


Towns and discoverable locations built by a talented build team plus many other amazing builds in the survival, creative, and pixel art worlds!


Friendly staff, Skilled Builders, and Experienced Administrative Staff continuously working to make the server better for our supportive & growing community.


Join us Online!

Minecraft 1.19.3: mc.bronytales.com

Server Updates

2024-02-23 22:26:
Canon updates:
- @Spike has decided its time to make some waves and friends, welcome pal.
- @'Fluttershy has returned from their volunteer work abroad.
Lets give them both a warm welcome!

2024-02-17 03:20:
Canon updates:
- @'Cadance (Princess Cadance), her heart as pure as crystal, has come to spread love and joy to all who need it. :cadancesmile:

Server updates:
- The Equestrian Royal Guard has significantly increased their presence inside the towns of Equestria. Royal Guards act as guides and are capable of giving you directions to points of interest around the towns they're stationed in. They also hold a variety of helpful information to answer some frequently asked questions you may have about the world.
- More guards will be deployed to other towns in the future. They're currently stationed in Ponyville, Canterlot, and Our Town. The Hive also has some set up, but you'll find that they don't feel obliged to be as helpful as the other guards just yet.
- The Bridge Cat can now be pet! Sometimes they like it, other times... not so much. You know how cats with the power to end the world can be. :buzzbuzz:
- Flying races have had their "glide" features tweaked. Instead of always triggering when you're falling, gliding should now only trigger when falling from larger distances!

2024-02-17 03:18:
I'll avoid making any promises of stability this time, but at the bare minimum everything appears fine. Sorry again for the inconvenience, the issues weren't as problematic during testing.

Check out the full list Here!