BronyTales Staff

Any good server relies on its staff to help foster the community and moderate content. BronyTales Staff are all here to help on a voluntary basis because they want to help the community grow and thrive, because they’re just that awesome.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

  • Owner - Staff management, Server operation and maintenance. Server owner is also fiscally responsible for keeping the server running.
  • Admin - Administrators run events, lead staff, and manage server content. To be considered for an Admin position, you must demonstrate a breadth of general server knowledge and plugin proficiency.
  • Moderator - Moderators are responsible for monitoring activity on BronyTales servers and ensuring that things don’t get out of hoof. They act as arbitrators in disputes and oversee rule infraction judgments. They also vet roleplay role applications. Moderators are required to have a working microphone and be able to use voice chat.
  • Helper - Helpers are recognized members of the community who have stepped up to help out players and staff. They typically have a good understanding of the server rules and can help others with server gameplay knowledge such as how to use commands available to players and where to find things. Helpers are also the first line of interface between Administration and players, because not all things are discussed in general chat. Helpers help players understand more about staff, and help staff understand more about players. Helpers are required to have Discord and a working email address.
All staff roles on this list are also responsible for the tasks of the roles beneath them.
In addition to these roles are the builder roles:
  • Head Builder - Head builders are responsible for organizing build projects for official server areas.
  • Builder - Builders create assets for new locations and events for the server, and also introduce new buildings, structures, and enhancements to special server locations.
  • Junior Builder - Jr Builders assist Builders with ongoing build projects in the build world.
  • Developer - Developers are the server architects; they build the systems that everyone else uses to play on. Developers should have experience with Java and MySQL programming as well as Spigot, Bungee, and minor amounts of php / js / html. Use of Git is also required.

Staff are not to use their elevated privileges for affecting either their or another player’s gameplay outside of any incident. This includes, but is not limited to, warps, secret locations, creative resources, world edit, block rollbacks, and direct teleports. Cheating, abusing privileges for gameplay advantage, sharing information which is only known by staff, scamming, promoting exploits or cheats, harassing players, and other generally negative behaviors are judged much more harshly than we might for a normal player. Staff are subject to the same rules as players are, and are held to a higher standard. Any disciplinary action regarding gameplay will also involve removal and either temporary or permement bar from rejoining staff. Staff are also expected to be routinely active, and may be removed from staff following prolonged absence. Any actions taken by staff in order to remediate any player or server issue must be discussed with other staff beforehand, with the exception for malicious behavior, in which case the matter may be discussed afterwards.

Current Staff

  • Owner
    • jascotty2 (Derpy)
  • Admin
    • DaringShepard
  • Moderator
    • TimelyAlchemist (DoctorWhooves)
    • ScorchFirefly (Scorch)
    • Kanade_Tachi (MistyNight)
    • drcrazy547 (TrixieLulamoon)
    • Schlorgadorb (TwilightSparkle)
    • DarkSpectre
  • Helper
    • xXfluffycipherXx (KiriStar)
    • Scarlettboo (Fleur)
    • Pennyroyal_Tea (Penny)
    • maksiu55 (ShadowTwinkle)
    • kingchris195 (Chris)
    • MoonlightRift (Luna)
    • Sanybaby (Ocellus)
    • DreamingPandas (SweetieBelle)
  • Developer
    • LegoDevStudios (LegoDev)
    • xnxanatorx
  • Head Builder
    • Pennyroyal_Tea (Penny)
  • Builder
    • xXfluffycipherXx (KiriStar)
    • Scarlettboo (Fleur)
  • Jr Builder
    • ScorchFirefly (Scorch)
    • Morindil (LilyStargazer)
    • _Perna_ (FlurryHeart)
    • sb0863 (ShiningArmor)
    • Wizard426 (Starswirl)
    • MoonlightRift (Luna)
    • FuzzyStarlite (Lumi)
    • Schlorgadorb (TwilightSparkle)
    • Hierozaki
    • PhoenixClan2 (AutumnBlaze)

Apply to join the staff team here

Please note that in order to apply, you must have been active on the server for a minimum of one month.
Also note that "activity" is defined as about an hour of play/interaction during a day, and "active" means several sessions of activity during a week.
Moderators and Head Builder must be 18 years of age or older and Helpers and Builders must be 13 years or older.
All staff are required to use Discord and be in the BronyTales Discord server.