BronyTales Staff

Any good server relies on its staff to help foster the community and moderate content. BronyTales Staff are all here to help on a voluntary basis to help the community grow and thrive, because they’re just that awesome.

It is our goal at BronyTales that the staff team should be as friendly and approachable as we can be. For starters, staff are subject to the same rules as players are, and are held to a higher standard. Any actions taken by staff must be discussed with other staff beforehand, with the exception for obviously malicious or harmful behavior. We are here to help. If you find something wrong, need help, or some other issue with the server or community, you can either contact us in game, in the discord, or submit a ticket to [email protected]

Staff Positions

  • Owner - Exactly what's on the label. Keeps the server running and the bills paid.
  • Head Admin - XO. Oversees server and staff operations.
  • Community Admin - Handles community relations.
  • Head Moderator - Manages moderation team.
  • Moderator - Monitors player actions and chat interactions to ensure a safe environment for everyone.
  • Guard - Help moderators in watching for and actioning egregiously troublesome players.
  • Helper - Help players with common issues and raise awareness to other staff if something needs attention.
  • Head Builder - Manages build team.
  • Build Lead - Coordinates with other builders to complete assignments from the Head Builder.
  • Builder - Creates build assets for use in locations and events.
  • Apprentice Builder - New members of the build team.
  • Head of RP and Events - Schedules and coordinates events.
  • Roleplay Coordinator - Works with staff and other people in the community to schedule public roleplay events.
  • Event Coordinator - Works with staff and other players in the community to schedule public events.
  • Developer - Creates and maintains custom software used by the server.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

There are two main tracks for being staff on BronyTales: Build Team and Moderation. Simply put, Build Team builds cool stuff for locations and events, and the Moderation team helps with keeping player interactions civil, up to and including removing troublemakers from the server. There are also extra staff roles that one can join, including the Events and RP teams as well as plugin development. Here's a quick rundown of each staff position and what they're responsible for:

Moderation Team

Helpers are recognized members of the community who have stepped up and volunteered to help out players and staff. They typically have a good understanding of the server rules and can help others with server gameplay knowledge such as how to use commands available to players and where to find things. Helpers are also the first line of interface between Administration and players, because not all things are discussed in general chat. Helpers help players understand more about staff, and help staff understand more about players.

  • Must be 13+
  • Must be active in the BronyTales Minecraft server.
  • Must be a member of the BronyTales Discord server.
  • Must be somewhat knowledgeable with the server and helpful to others.
  • Must not go inactive without notice for more than three months while on staff.
  • Help players with their day-to-day questions.
  • Investigate small-scale griefs and report findings to moderation.
  • Relay any important information to the staff team that may have been overlooked.
  • Be observant for any rule violations in the server and report those to the moderation team as needed.
  • Use tempmutes and clearchat to quickly resolve any chat infractions, notify moderation afterwards so they can take appropriate measures.
  • Record any actions taken as staff (ex: warnings and tempmutes) in the Discord staff actions log channel
  • Optionally vote and give opinions on canon role applications.
Guards are a middle ground between everyday helpers and full moderators. As someone with a little more experience working with the BronyTales staff team and the community, they have a little more authority and can operate as security guards to keep out the riff raff looking to cause trouble. Guards are responsible for investigating any rule-breaking activities and reporting them to a moderator. They may also be asked to help moderators with investigations and rollbacks of griefs. Guards should consult the rest of the moderation team before applying an action to a user, but are allowed to action users in an emergency or if no other moderators are around.

  • Must be 16+
  • Above average activity on the server.
  • Participate in staff discussions and meetings.
  • Must not go inactive without notice for more than one month while on staff.
  • All other Helper Requirements.
  • Investigating griefs as they occur.
  • Use moderation tools and resources to help users and the rest of the team with any issues they may have.
    (for example, unlocking items and pixel art map transfers)
  • Remove unwanted users (such as trolls and griefers) from the server as needed.
  • Issuing soft warnings, full warnings, tempmutes, full mutes, tempbans and full bans as needed.
  • All other Helper Responsibilities.
A healthy community relies on moderation to keep things civil. Moderators are responsible for moderating the community and making sure that users are following the rules. They are somewhat independent and can act autonomously whenever the situation calls for it, but on the whole act as a team to resolve inter-player conflicts.

  • Must be 18+
  • Have a working microphone and be able to use voice chat.
  • All other Guard Requirements.
  • Set canon nicknames when applicable.
  • Investigating and rolling back griefs as they occur.
  • Reviewing staff applications.
  • Inventory rollbacks in case of glitches.
  • All other Guard Responsibilities.

Build Team

Apprentice Builder
Apprentice builders have access to our build server where they can help contribute to existing projects and have access to WorldEdit and its commands. Apprentice builders are the first step in our build team, and the position is meant to be a temporary position to get yourself familiar with our team and our procedures.

Apprentice Builders may be promoted once they have at least two weeks of activity as builder, and pass a command proficiency exam. In this exam, you’ll need to show us you know how to use WorldEdit, that you know our guidelines for when use of commands is appropriate, and that you’re familiar with our procedures and work environment.

  • Must be 13+.
  • Must be a member of the BronyTales Discord server.
  • Regularly available at least one day a week for build-specific buildings.
  • Basic proficiency with aesthetic building in Minecraft.
  • Learn builder processes and procedures and familiarize yourself with special commands.
  • Take on projects as directed under Build Lead direction.
Builders are dedicated to making our server builds the best they can be. They utilize builder tools and commands to assist them in making larger-scale projects. Builders may use WorldEdit and other assorted tools to transfer builds from the Build world to the main BronyTales world and vice versa under the direction of a Build Lead. Builders are not to use their elevated permissions to alter their own or other players' survival builds without express authorization from a community admin or above. Builders must not alter official builds in drastic ways without Head Builder or Admin approval - for example, adding, removing, or moving builds, changing color schemes of builds, and changing region flags would all need prior approval.

  • Demonstrated proficiency with World Edit.
  • Must not use their access to unfairly advantage their gameplay or the gameplay of others.
  • Must not significantly alter official builds without Head Builder or Admin approval.
  • Must not use elevated permissions to unfairly advantage own gameplay or the gameplay of others.
  • Active in the server, and not inactive for more than 3 months without notice.
  • All other Apprentice Builder Requirements.
  • Take on projects as directed under Build Lead direction.
  • Assist the Events team with building assets for server events as needed.
  • Assist with migrating official server assets to their designated locations in the main server map.
Build Lead
Build Leads are builders who have stepped up in an official capacity to help the Head Builders manage the Build Team. They have higher responsibilities than standard Builders and are expected to communicate closely with the Head Builder to ensure the team is working smoothly. Builders may be promoted to a Build Lead if it’s shown they can act independently and still make great builds or great modifications to builds in the process while also demonstrating effective communication and leadership.

  • Must be 16+
  • Have a working microphone and be able to use voice chat.
  • All other Builder Requirements.
  • Manage specific projects that may be assigned to you.
  • Organize builder tasks to effectively complete projects.
  • Assist the Head Builder with their responsibilities if/when they ask for it.
  • Lead build meetings when the Head Builder is not able to attend.
  • Communicate project details to the rest of the build team as needed.
  • Facilitate a positive atmosphere for the rest of the team.
  • All other Builder Responsibilities.

Administration Team

Head Builder
Head Builders are the leaders of the build team. They are expected to manage and direct the Build Team through whatever the ongoing project is, plan out the current and future projects, work closely with the rest of the administration team, and foster good communication between the team.

  • Must be 18+
  • Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills.
  • Supportive of the build team and their projects.
  • Prioritizes the team and their needs over their own personal works or projects.
  • All other Build Lead Requirements.
  • Arrange, coordinate, and lead build meetings.
  • Communicate current and future plans/details with the rest of the build team.
  • Keep track of project progress to ensure they are completed well and on time.
  • Work with upper administration on planning both future and current projects.
  • Approve or disapprove suggestions and builds within projects.
  • Report to the admin team with any issues or concerns.
  • All other Build Lead Responsibilities.
Head of Moderation
The Head of Moderation is responsible for ensuring that the rest of the moderation team have what they need in order to do their day-to-day tasks. They coordinate meetings as needed, direct general moderation procedures, and work with administration to address and resolve more complicated issues.

  • Proven experience with moderation on BT and Discord.
  • All other Moderator Requirements.
  • Provide direction in player arbitration.
  • Coordinate and train Moderation team as needed.
  • Report to the admin team with any issues or concerns.
  • All other Moderator Responsibilities.
Community Admin
A Community Admin's primary objective is to engage with the community and help foster a dynamic relationship between players and the server as a whole. They are not bound to any specific department and in general help out wherever they are needed, as well as start and direct new projects. A moderator may be promoted to Community Admin if they show exceptional drive, talent, and the ability to coordinate the rest of the team. To be considered for a Community Admin position, you must demonstrate a breadth of general server knowledge, plugin proficiency, general writing and people skills, and a good rapport with the community.
  • Good standing in the staff team and community as whole.
  • Extensive knowledge of the server and its inner workings - commands, people, and plugins.
  • Motivation, drive, and skill in overseeing community interactions.
  • All other Head Moderator Requirements.
  • Hiring and removal of staff from the team.
  • Assist with managing server plugins when needed.
  • Run community events and oversee planning, including preliminary community engagement.
  • Use of permissions system to assign roles for staff and community positions.
  • All other Head Moderator Responsibilities.
Head of Administration
The Head Admin is responsible for ensuring that all staff have the tools and information they need to effectively complete the tasks required to keep BronyTales and its community a safe, fun, and fair environment for people to enjoy. They act as the second-in-command for all server tasks, including server administration and staff management.

  • Proven leadership skills
  • Extensive experience with moderating and administration.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with hosting Minecraft servers.
  • Familiarity with server management tools for linux.
  • All other Community Admin Requirements.
  • Oversee staff team and resolve conflicts as needed.
  • Monitor server performance and overall health.
  • General server administration for the physical server.
  • All other Community Admin Responsibilities.
The owner of the server and all that falls under it. Makes sure that the bills get paid and that supporters get their roles and perks in a timely manner. Responsible for managing the server backend and directing the game design. (This is not a position you can apply for)

  • Maintain and update server and all technologies in use.
  • Manage supporter perks and rewards.
  • Website management and development.
  • Discord server management.
  • All other Head Admin Responsibilities.

Events and Roleplay Team

Event Coordinator
Event Coordinators help organize, plan, and build for any official server events that we may wish to do. Generating ideas and following through with them is essential towards being a great Event Coordinator!

  • Must already be a member of the staff team.
  • Planning, organizing, and building for official server events.
  • Following through with proposed ideas to make them happen.
RP Coordinator
RP Coordinators are responsible for coordinating and holding RP’s on the server. Ideally they should go out of their way to make RP’s happen and be as inviting and welcoming to players of all skill levels.

  • Must already be a member of the staff team.
  • Must be willing to interact and roleplay with other members of the community.
  • Ideally should be active in roleplay on the server.
  • Organizing RP’s on the server.
  • Being welcoming and inviting to those new to RP’s, extending an open hand and providing constructive criticism when needed.
Head of RP and Event Coordination
The Head of RP and Event Coordination is responsible for overseeing both the Event and Roleplay coordinators to see that they have what they need for their tasks and are following through with them.

  • Must be 18+
  • Prior experience with RP and Event coordination on BT.
  • All responsibilities from both Event and RP Coordinator.

Development Team

Developers are the server architects; they build the systems that everyone else uses to play on. Developers are directly involved with the backend development of BronyTales. Their work helps us make the server even more unique and inviting for all of our community! Developers should have experience with Java and MySQL programming as well as Spigot, Bungee, and minor amounts of php / js / html. Use of Git is also required.

  • Must be 16+
  • Demonstrate proficiency in coding plugins for Spigot / Paper.
  • Experience in MySQL and Git.
  • Familiarity with Minecraft server hosting.
  • Must sign an NDA.
  • Assist with setting up special events.
  • Develop plugins, minigames, and project solutions for server use.
  • Test and debug errors within a self-provided test/development environment.

Staff are not to use their elevated privileges for affecting either their or another player’s gameplay outside of any incident. This includes, but is not limited to, warps, secret locations, creative resources, world edit, block rollbacks, and direct teleports. Cheating, abusing privileges for gameplay advantage, sharing information which is only known by staff, scamming, promoting exploits or cheats, harassing players, and other generally negative behaviors are judged much more harshly than we might for a normal player. Any disciplinary action regarding gameplay will also involve removal and either temporary or permanent bar from rejoining staff. Staff are also expected to be routinely active, and may be removed from staff following prolonged absence.

Current Staff

  • Owner
    • jascotty2 (Derpy)

  • Head of Administration
    • Daring Shepard

  • Community Admin
    • Kanade_Tachi (Sans)
    • Pennyroyal_Tea (Penny)

  • Head of Moderation
    • drcrazy547 (Misty Brightdawn)

  • Moderator
    • Navycobat (Colourless)
    • BarrothMudFTW (Queen Chrysalis)
    • ConductorFerrum (Princess Celestia)
    • ItsmeAurora (Aurora Chaox)
    • MoonlightRift (Opaline Arcana)
    • Produktregel (Prince Radiance)

  • Guard
    • TheArkadies (Pinkie Pie)
    • FuzzyStarlite (Lumi)
    • Sunburst4 (Sunburst)
    • Vinyl_Pon3 (Silverstream)

  • Helper
    • McDash_ (Princess Luna)
    • gizmodudedad (Applejack)

  • Head Builder
    • FuzzyStarlite (Lumi)

  • Build Lead
    • PhoenixClan2

  • Builder
    • xXfluffycipherXx (Kiri Star)
    • Pennyroyal_Tea (Penny)
    • _kragon (Card Gambit)
    • Navycobat (Colourless)
    • SanteriSalovaara (Surprise)

  • Apprentice Builder
    • TheArkadies (Pinkie Pie)
    • Major_SY03 (MajorSY)
    • ConductorFerrum (Princess Celestia)
    • CyberElle (Rainbow Dash)

  • Head of RP and Event Coordination
    • BarrothMudFTW (Queen Chrysalis)

  • Event Coordination Team
    • PhoenixClan2
    • drcrazy547 (Misty Brightdawn)
    • DaringShepard
    • ConductorFerrum (Princess Celestia)
    • Vinyl_Pon3 (Silverstream)
    • Sunburst4 (Sunburst)
    • McDash_ (Princess Luna)

  • Roleplay Coordination Team
    • drcrazy547 (Misty Brightdawn)
    • Kanade_Tachi (Sans)
    • BarrothMudFTW (Queen Chrysalis)
    • ConductorFerrum (Princess Celestia)
    • Vinyl_Pon3 (Silverstream)
    • McDash_ (Princess Luna)

  • Developer
    • DaringShepard

Apply to join the staff team here

Please note that in order to apply, you must have been active on the server for a minimum of one month.
Also note that "activity" is defined as about an hour of play/interaction during a day, and "active" means several sessions of activity during a week.
This means that we expect that when applying for staff that you are playing on the server more than once per week, more than an hour on average when you are online, and that you will continue to be around to help out if you are accepted onto staff.
Moderators and Head Builder must be 18 years of age or older and Helpers and Builders must be 13 years or older.
All staff are required to use Discord and be in the BronyTales Discord server.