Server Policies Changelogs

Terms of Service:
- Updated affiliation statement to clarify that we are additionally not affiliated with Microsoft.
- Removed 'non-profit' statement to reduce potential confusion with a 501c non-profit.
Rules update:
- Clarified "Alts may not be used for roleplay" to "canon roleplay roles"
- Updated Discord contact information
Rules update:
- Added "Short Version" Summary of rules.
- Further segmented categories for easier reference and comprehension.
- Discord-only sections of the Discord server upgraded to allow PG-13 materal. Sexually prudent and profane material is still not permitted outside of 18+ sections.
- Changed rule title of "Keep it PG" to "This server is for players of all ages" - text is otherwise unaltered.
- Changed rule title of "Illegal off-server is illegal on-server" to "Illegal activity is not permitted" - text is otherwise unaltered.
- "You are responsible for your account" updated to clarify "Your account is actioned for rules infractions regardless of who is behind it."
- Changed rule title of "Alt accounts are not for gameplay" to "Only one primary account is allowed." Rule updated to include Discord accounts and to provide example of allowed usages.
- Added section to naming rules: "You are You."
- "Do not spoil server lore" updated to clarify guideline / respect rather than hard limit.
- "Do not bypass the chat filter" updated to clarify permitted / disallowed bypassing and outline automod proceedure.
- Removed redundant phrasing from "Respect other player builds."
- "Leave drama at the door" updated to outline proper channels for discussion as well as to clarify that faction status does not exclude from this rule.
- Added description for rating increase for Discord.
- Added "You must be 13 or older" to clarify age restrictions per [url=[url]]Discord’s[/url] TOS[/url][/li]
- Added "Keep it Clean" to Discord rules section, moved profile image and status rules from "Discord is an extension of the server" to this section.
- Added "Respect text channels" to Discord rules.
- Updated "Do not record voice chat" to add exemption for the streaming channel available via an opt-in role on the Discord server.
- Updated "No excessive @-ing" to clarify permitted group pings.
- Updated "NSFW or political content or topics are not permitted in general chat rooms" to clarify exemptions for the geopolitical and 18+ section on the Discord.
- Added "Content that violates Discord’s Community Guidelines is not permitted" to the Discord rules.
- Added "Mods & Playing Fair" section to the rules.
- Removed "Cheating, Bugs, and Exploits" in favor of "Mods & Playing Fair" - moved relevant texts into this category.
- Added phrasing to "Keep RP Town Themes" to improve legibility.
- Rephrased "No lag machines" to clarify intent, reduce "by the book" definition issues.
- Added "Contraptions must have an off switch" to build rules.
- Added grace period exceptions to "Abandoned Builds" - default of 90, but may be altered to be from 30 to 365 depending on circumstance.
- Added notice of build modification policy to build rules.
- Added sections to roleplay rules: "Roleplay is not manditory" and "Respect character universes."
- Added text to "Roleplay is not a contest" regarding metagaming.
- Added canon role section to main rules page.
- Moved infractions table to the main rules page.
- Added "soft warning" definition to infractions section.
- Added statement regarding trolling to main rules page.
- Added an FAQ to the rules section.
- Added roleplay tier descriptions to better describe the differences
Added section under TOS detailing server update posts and this changelog.
Cleaned up references to policies not yet implemented from the TOS page: public display of tickets and of disciplinary actions taken against users.
Added the Rules Infractions table to the website to standardize and make public the policies for infraction remediation.
Updated server rules to better clarify disallowed topics: "Keep it PG" changed to read as "Explicit material or roleplay is not tolerated, regardless of what channel you are in. If it’s not in the show, don’t bring it to the server. Additionally, talking about sexual activities or innuendoes, illicit drugs, substance abuse, self-harm, or other illegal or deeply negative experiences will not be permitted on any server affiliated with BronyTales. Players with Minecraft usernames that don’t conform to the language guidelines for the server will be asked to change their account name before they can play."
Fixed section related to Unsolicited Server Advertisements: they are not permitted per our TOS, but was not properly clarified in the rules section.
Added clarification for messaging members in private on discord: unless explicitly agreed on otherwise by both parties, all private messages must follow BT language and content guidelines.
Updated staff application page to clarify minimum age requirements for staff.
Rules update: added the sentence "Players with a canon role are expected to maintain character in general chat." to Canon Character Rules.
Initial rules and TOS documentation released.